How to Customize Your Page Style

You can customize your website design to fit your brand style. Build a visual identity by choosing a primary color scheme and fonts for your site elements. The settings you choose in the "Page Style" section will be applied to all of your elements.

We recommend copying elements to maintain a consistent page design style without additional customization.

Read more: Customizing the Element Appearance.

Click the pencil icon in the upper left corner to access the style settings of your page.

Select "Customize" next to the desired element.

Color Scheme

You can choose your color scheme (colors that you will use for most of yoursite elements).

You can also set up the color scheme of each element separately:

Light (used as a background for dark site elements).

Dark (used as a background for light site elements).

The main (used to attract attention to your brand and represent your brand identity).

Auxiliary (used to attract attention and complement your primary color).

Accent (used to highlight unique site elements).

Text Styles

You can choose from our predefined font combinations or customize your paragraph and heading fonts to match your site's style and maintain design integrity.

Go to your paragraph and heading settings to set fonts for them separately.

Select your font, size, and case and adjust your line height and width.

Button Styles

You can select your button style from our list of predefined button styles.

You can also customize the style of both button types:

The "Primary" type is used for high-priority call-to-action buttons that need to get more attention.

The "Secondary" type is used for less important buttons; the color of this button is paler by default.

Mobile Version

You can edit the style of individual elements, columns, sections, and blocks separately for the mobile and desktop website versions: set up element alignment, padding, and background.

Switch to the mobile version to edit in the element settings panel and disable version synchronization.

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