How to Use a Live Chat

With the help of "Chats," you have access to chats from your chatbots directly from your SendPulse account — in the browser version or through the application on your smartphone. Here, you can reply to messages from subscribers from all of the chatbots you have connected.

How to Open Chats with Subscribers

"Conversations" Tab

In the "Chatbots" section, go to the "Conversations" tab. After that, you will see the page with your chats with subscribers.

"Show All" Option

In the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a live chat icon with a number of new messages on it. Click on the icon to open the list of new conversations:

"Chats in messengers" Button

The "Chats in messengers" button is available in all sections of your SendPulse account. This way you can reply to bot subscribers even when you send a web push notification.

If you have unread messages, the button will display an icon with the number of chats with new messages.

Click the "Chats in Messengers" button to open the chats sidebar.

Then you can open the required chat and reply to subscribers' messages and send them files directly from the sidebar or open the full screen chat page.

Once you do that, a box with new conversations will come up on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on a conversation to reply.

Click the Show all option to see the expanded list of the new chat conversations.

Chats with Subscribers

Select a chat from the list on the left-hand side of the screen and click on it to open a conversation box with that subscriber. Here you will see the subscriber's large user profile picture and their subscription details below it.

Chat Type

Bot chats are separated in three lists: open, closed and all chats, ie open and closed in one list.

Closed chats are chats that you have closed from a SendPulse account. To close the chat, go to the chat you want to close and click the "Close chat" button.

You can also find a subscriber by name using the search bar. Start typing the subscriber's name in the search field, and select the necessary chat from the list.

View Message History

In this window, you will have access to all of your conversations with users, including the bot's responses to the users.

For chats in Telegram chatbots, you will have a link to download documents. Facebook ad conversion notifications and all mentions from stories of the business account, for which you configured the bot, will be sent to the chats for Instagram chatbots.

You can also track what button the subscriber clicked — displayed as a message sent from the subscriber.

With Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook chatbots you can track the read status of the message — two blue ticks are displayed under read messages.

You can track whether a Telegram chatbot message in a conversation was sent by a chatbot or an admin.

Also for Telegram chatbots, you can track if a subscriber's message was a response to a previous message. Above the subscriber's response, you will see a quote of the message to which user replied.

In Instagram and WhatsApp chatbots, you can see how subscribers react to your messages.

View Advertising Campaign

In Facebook Messenger chats, you can see which advertising campaign your subscriber came from.

In the "Advertising campaign" field, you will see the advertising campaign name listed in your Facebook account. When you click the link, you will be redirected to a page where you can view your advertising post.

If a user sends you a message after viewing your Facebook or Instagram ad, their message will be displayed as a response to your corresponding ad campaign.

Write Message

In this field, you can reply to the chat message. Make your communication more personal and fun by adding emoji. Then, click the Send button.

You can reply to customers using different messaging apps manually.

On Instagram, the response window is set to 7 days, while other messaging apps set it to 24 hours.

Outside of this window, you can send in Facebook Messenger only specific messages using categories and send messages in WhatsApp using templates. With Viber, you can send 10,000 chatbot-initiated messages for free every month. There are no limits for Telegram.

Number of Subscribers and Subscription Link

In your Telegram group chat, you can view the number of subscribers and copy the share link or invite link.

Temporarily Pausing the Bot

To the right of the chat is information about the subscriber from this chat. There is also an option to stop messages for 60 minutes. For example, when you personally reply to a subscriber in a chat, you should disable flows so that automatic messages do not respond to trigger words that may be contained in the subscriber's messages. To do this, click the "+60 min" button.

Here, in your profile, you will find your active flow in which messages to the user are queued to be sent. You can stop the flow and send another one.

Thus, you can help the users if they are confused with your bot script and cannot find the information they need.

If you finish communicating with your subscriber before 60 minutes have elapsed, click the "Continue Auto Mailing" button.

Launch Autoflow

You can launch a specific flow for any chatbot subscriber. To do this, in the “Chats” tab, choose the user and the flow you want to start for them.

Assign a Tag

In the same window, you can assign tags to the subscriber. For example, if during personal communication you have identified certain preferences of the client, you can assign them tags relating to their preferences. Assign a tag to the user to segment and filter future messages.

View Subscription Status

In chats with Instagram chatbot users, you can see the status of their subscription to your Instagram profile and your subscription to users' profiles.

Disable Subscriber

You can also disable a subscriber to stop sending them messages from your bot.

Hide Messages

There is an option to hide automatic messages you sent to the subscriber in the live chat:

Uncheck the box to display all automatic messages that have been sent and those that you will be sent to the subscriber in the future.

Delete Messages

You can delete messages in a chat with your Telegram bot within 48 hours of receiving them. Click the three dots icon to the left of a message, and select “Delete.”

Notifications About New Chats


To receive notifications in your email about the last open chat, select the appropriate option in the "Notification settings".

The notification is sent a maximum of once an hour with the last message from the subscriber.

Web Push

You can also receive web push notifications about new open chats. To do this, allow notifications from SendPulse in the browser and select the "New open dialog in messengers" checkbox in the SendPulse account settings on the "Notifications" tab.

By clicking on the web push notification about the new chat, you will immediately open this chat in your SendPulse account.

SendPulse Chatbots App

You can also download our application for Android and iOS to have access to chats from your smartphone and always be in touch with subscribers.

The application sends push notifications about new messages from subscribers, which helps you stay on top of chats, view conversations quickly, and answer user questions.

Using the application, you can view information about the subscriber: when they subscribed, the last time they were active, and other information about them. You can also manage this information: add tags and change variables, start and stop auto-replies, and remove a subscriber from the list.

There are statistics for all your bots in the application: the number of messages sent and received, and your total number of subscribers.

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