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Course builder for business schools, development centers, and anyone eager to teach

A versatile course builder — useful for any professional



Use the SendPulse online course builder to launch and sell your eLearning products. Add lessons, create landing pages, and set up your CRM system. Interact with your students across multiple communication channels.



Manage your expert team and launch online courses on a single platform. Curate the learning process, arrange your marketing and sales campaigns, and leverage all communication channels.



Develop onboarding programs so that your new employees adapt to their new workflows quickly. Our platform allows you to build a training or development program for your staff.



Want to create your own course but don't know how? Our platform might be just what you need! To get started, you only need to register, upload your materials, and invite your students.

Create professional online courses

Interact with your audience anytime, conduct tests, and issue certificates of completion

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Monetize your knowledge by promoting your courses

Turn your idea into a high-demand educational product that will bring in regular income. With our platform, you can transform all of your workshops, presentations, podcasts, videos, books, and more into one outstanding digital product. Use our visual course builder to develop your lessons and materials.

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Focus on teaching and let us take care of the technical side of things

Our platform is simple and intuitive, so you can start creating courses and developing your marketing and sales strategies in no time. Your students will start learning without wasting their time trying to get used to the platform itself. And you won’t either! You can easily track students' progress and answer their questions.

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Conduct your courses on one platform from start to finish

No need to search for a separate service for each task. You can comprehensively manage all your online courses on a single platform. Develop a sales pipeline to attract your target audience, create landing pages and registration forms, sell your courses, and manage your contacts in CRM. Send your bulk email and SMS campaigns, chatbot messages, and web push notifications with ease.

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Enjoy the benefits of learning from your smartphone

Your students can take courses from anywhere in the world thanks to the Education by SendPulse mobile app with a multilingual interface.

The app allows you to complete and submit homework, download materials, communicate with your teacher, and edit your profile.

Everything you need to start teaching online

Build your landing pages and registration forms, develop chatbots, and integrate payment solutions

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Visual online course builder

You can create as many courses and lessons as you need and change their structure or order as you go. Add and edit your learning materials, including infographics, videos, eBooks, and audio lectures, to improve memorability and enhance your students’ experience.

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Landing pages and registration forms

Promote your course with the help of standalone web pages. Dynamically generated landing pages for each course are created automatically based on your existing data. Add a registration form to enable users to enroll and pay for your course. You can also add your custom domain or use our free SendPulse domain.

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CRM for sales automation

All the data you gather on your course landing page will be automatically added to your SendPulse CRM system. This means that you will be able to guide and support your clients at all times and fully automate your communication with them through email, SMS, and chatbots.

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Course instructors

You can invite an instructor to curate the process, help prepare your lessons, gather student feedback, and boost your overall course quality.

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Convenient learning format

Ensure your students stay involved in the learning process by monitoring whether they have started your course, have enough time to take their lessons, and successfully pass your tests. Support your participants at every stage of your course, answer their questions, and offer them a helping hand right on time.

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Create tests to assess students' knowledge and acquired skills. To do this, write out your questions and turn them into multiple-choice quizzes. Your students will be graded based on their number of correct answers, which helps form their final scores needed to obtain certificates.

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Develop homework assignments to enhance student learning. Upload files with various forms of assessments to our platform, share them with your students, and give your feedback.
Students will receive notifications whenever you finish evaluating their assignments and add comments.

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Certificates of completion

If a student successfully passes your course, their downloadable certificate will be displayed to them automatically. You can issue certificates based on students’ successful completion of all lessons or a certain test score. Each course certificate is generated automatically and includes a person's name, course title, and completion date.

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Supported payment systems

Integrate payment systems so that participants can pay for your courses after logging in their personal accounts. You can integrate several payment systems depending on your preferences.

Multiple communication channels

Interact with your audience using their preferred communication channel. Create WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram chatbots and send email, SMS, web push, and Viber campaigns.


It’s a tool that allows creators to put their energy into teaching while we handle the technicalities. With an intuitive course builder, you can develop outstanding educational products, promote your courses, assess students’ performance, issue certificates, communicate via several channels, and monetize your knowledge.

Our platform is an all-in-one solution that enables you to create an awesome digital product from scratch with no learning curve. You can design a landing page and registration forms without coding, sell and promote your courses, manage all your students' info, and communicate via email, chatbot messages, SMS, and push notifications.

Register and navigate to the "Courses" section, click "Create course" and follow the prompts. You will set the URL of the course page, customize it to your liking using ready-made templates, add lessons, and set your course options. In addition, you can add a certificate and instructors.

There are 3 options available. You can add their email addresses manually, add them from other courses, and enable users to enroll by themselves. A website with a course description is generated for each course, so users can find your course via a search engine and register for it. Additionally, you can enroll students automatically after a chatbot payment.

You can create a course for free for up to 200 students. If you want to create more courses and monetize them, consider upgrading to a paid plan, which costs $42 per month. It allows you to enroll up to 1,000 students. Check out the pricing here.

Try SendPulse’s online course builder and start bringing your eLearning products to life!