Pop-up Builder

How to create a project and smart pop-ups

  • How to customize pop-up buttons

    Last Updated: 10.05.2024

    With the SendPulse pop-up builder, you can add the Button element to include links to other pages and elements, phone numbers, or email addresses.

  • How to create a smart pop-up

    Last Updated: 18.05.2024

    With our pop-up service, you can create smart pop-ups and show them to visitors based on a certain scenario. Make a personal offer at the right time, help your client choose a product or service, or capture subscribers to interact with them using SendPulse.

  • Project basics

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    With the help of our pop-up builder, you can create smart pop-ups that are shown to visitors only as specified by certain scenarios to increase engagement and lead conversion.

  • How to set up a pop-up display scenario

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    You can track visitor behavior and show pop-ups only when users perform certain actions or have certain data points.

  • How to set up a custom pop-up form

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    You can create a pop-up, select the element type you want to include, collect the information you need, and save it to your variables for further segmentation and personalized interactions.

  • How to create a pop-up flow scenario

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    You can link several pop-ups into one flow to show different messages to different website visitors according to the scenario you create.

  • How to create a launcher pop-up

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    A launcher is a small pop-up that triggers a certain action, for example, another pop-up opening or user redirection to your specified website page. With its help, you can build pop-ups for lead generation and sales that respect users' experience and time on your page.

  • How to create an NPS form

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    Let's take a look at how to create and configure NPS forms.

  • How to create a survey

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    Surveys help collect valuable user feedback about company activities to improve the quality of goods or services. With SendPulse, you can create surveys on your website using pop-ups.

  • How to create an inline pop-up and add it to your website

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    Inline pop-ups can make your website more interactive. You can use them to add forms to existing elements, make your pop-ups blend in with other website content, or add widgets without modifying your website code.

  • Smart pop-up launch scenario examples

    Last Updated: 15.03.2024

    With SendPulse’s smart pop-up builder, you can create personalized messages for your site, driving more conversions. Create your pop-ups based on users’ browser language, traffic source, or device. Design holiday and promotion pop-ups, and retain users who visit your site for the first time or are about to leave.

  • How to Conduct Pop-up A/B Testing

    Last Updated: 15.03.2024

    A/B pop-up testing allows you to compare two pop-up versions to find the most effective option for achieving your business goals, increasing website conversions, and improving user experience.

  • How to find a CSS selector

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    A CSS selector is a pattern used to find HTML elements on website pages with necessary data. Selectors allow you to link inline pop-ups to website elements.

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