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How to connect a Telegram chatbot

Create a new bot with @BotFather by sending the /newbot command. If you already have a bot, get its token with the /token command. Copy this token and add to your SendPulse account.

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Now you are ready! Your Telegram bot is connected. It is time to set up auto-replies.

Visual chatbot message builder

Create Telegram bots to inform, advise, and sell your items and services. Before starting a conversation flow, enter keywords to trigger and send your auto-replies.

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Run effective Telegram campaigns

Add text, images, files, and buttons to your campaign. You can schedule your messages, edit them before they reach your subscribers, and delete sent campaigns so that users don't see them anymore.

Analyze your post-campaign statistics, tracking delivery rates and subscriber engagement.

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Accept payments

Let your chatbot become an effective sales channel for your business. Integrate payment systems and add payment buttons to chatbot flows that allow taking your customer orders directly in the chat.

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Supercharge your chatbot with AI

With OpenAI's ChatGPT language model, your chatbot can interact with subscribers while you generate content for your flows.

OpenAI's speech recognition system, Whisper, allows your subscribers to send voice messages and receive instant replies. You will be able to see subscribers' voice messages and their transcriptions to send test replies, making your interactions easier.

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Automate your channel and group management

Chatbots can automatically check if a user is a member of a particular group or channel, block or unblock them, and send a message to your group or channel.

Implement ready-made chatbot flow templates for an easy start

All pricing plans, including the free one, come with prebuilt flow templates suitable for different niches.

ChatGPT manual request
Making an appointment with a doctor
Weather bot
Register for the webinar
Link to Google Calendar
Segmentation of bot followers
Auto-replies outside of business hours
Quality assessment

Segment and manage your audience

Send emails to your entire audience or specific segments. Segmentation by language, tags, variables, activity, and more will help you send the most relevant messages to your subscribers.
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Manage chatbots on your smartphone

Install the app and send quick replies to your Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook chatbot subscribers, work with subscriber data, and analyze chatbot statistics.

Engage your audience with user-friendly bio link pages

Once you create your Instagram chatbot, our system will automatically generate a bio link page using which visitors can subscribe to your bot. Share a link to this page on social media and in emails to effortlessly attract new subscribers.
Engage your audience with user-friendly bio link pages Engage your audience with user-friendly bio link pages
Assign UTM tags and variables to chatbot subscribers image utm tags

Assign UTM tags and variables to chatbot subscribers

Automatically assign UTM tags and variables to website visitors who subscribed to your chatbot using your landing page or widget.

You can pass variables from your website by adding parameters to your chatbot link.

Why do you need a Telegram bot?

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Maximize audience engagement

Telegram is used by 200 million people who send approximately 12 billion messages every day.

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High open rate

People read Telegram messages with a record open rate of 80.

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Privacy and data protection

Telegram is one of the most encrypted and secure messengers in the whole world.

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Create Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chatbots

Use our visual chatbot builder to launch your message flows for Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Automate customer communication, sales, and marketing with the SendPulse ecosystem image chatbots new deal image chatbots deal

Automate customer communication, sales, and marketing with the SendPulse ecosystem

Create and modify deals right in your chats to track them in your CRM system, add chatbot messages to your automated flows, and add subscription widgets to your website. SendPulse's tools are already integrated with one another to make it easier for you to create a seamless user experience and sell.


It is a helpful tool for any business and marketer. Its goal is to provide users with flexible responses to their questions via Telegram. The more requests your chatbot can handle, the more lively and effective your conversation will be.

It helps automate ordinary tasks, collect data about your clients, and increase your online presence. Clients often need your help outside of business hours, and it is time for a chatbot to do some heavy work. It can answer FAQs, assist customers with placing orders, and even arrange a meeting with a doctor.

You need to create a frequent question list that users can ask your bot. The more commands you set, the more intelligent your bot will be. After a user engages with your chatbot, it communicates with them according to a predefined scenario based on the triggers and keywords you configured.

Create a bot with @BotFather, copy the token value and paste it into your SendPulse account.

You can place a subscription widget on your site, add a direct link to your Telegram chatbot, or share it on social media.

You can hire a developer to build your chatbot starting from $200, but remember that its "intelligence" influences the total price and the time required for creating it. With SendPulse, you can create an intelligent Telegram bot without any technical background and for free.

You can send up to 10,000 messages per month to your subscribers at no cost. Need more? Choose a paid plan starting at $9.85 per month.

Just choose any way you like. Encourage your email recipients to subscribe to your Telegram chatbot to be the first to know about hot deals. When communicating with a client via a messenger, ask them to leave their phone number to send a tracking number or booking details. If you are a speaker at a conference, display your chatbot name to make easy client contact with your brand. With SendPulse, you can use Telegram, email, SMS, web push notifications, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger to interact with your audience.

Create a Telegram chatbot for free!

You can send up to 10,000 free messages per month to your subscribers with SendPulse