How to Create a Mailing List with Variables

A mailing list is a list of subscribers’ email addresses with additional information. Additional information may include names, phone numbers, cities, dates of birth, etc.

How to Create a Mailing List

To create a mailing list, open the "Email" section and click "New Mailing List."

Name the new list and click "Add."

The mailing list has been created.

The next step is to add contacts to your mailing list.

You can upload contacts from a file, copy and paste the data, import lists from an online store or CRM, or add contacts manually one at a time.

Please note that dates must be added in MM/DD/YYYY format (month, day and year) for their correct recognition. Each variable has up to 255 characters.

How to Upload a File with Contacts

On the "Upload file" tab, choose a file to upload and click "Upload."

Supported file formats are TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX.

In the next step, add a variable for each column with additional data from the file: above a column, click "Disabled" and add a variable from the drop-down list or create a new variable.

Click "Add" to upload the contacts from the file to the service.

How to Copy & Paste a Contact List Manually

Open the "Copy & Paste" tab. Input data to the "Contact list" field. Enter each email address in a new line.

Add additional information after an email address, separated by commas or spaces.

Click "Upload."

Add a variable for each column with additional data and click "Add."

How to Import Contacts from Third-party Services

Open the "Import from" tab. In the "Service" drop-down list, select the service from which you want to import contacts. Specify the API key for this service.

Click "Get mailing lists."

When a list of available mailing lists from the service is displayed, upload the necessary mailing list.

Add a variable for each column with additional data and click "Add."

How to Add Contacts One at a Time

Open the "By one" tab. Fill in the fields and click "Upload." To add a contact to a mailing list, you must enter an email address or a phone number.

While uploading contacts from a file, copying and pasting or importing them from third-party services, you can add any variables. While uploading contacts one at a time, you can add only an email address, a phone number and a name of a subscriber.

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