Viber element in Automation 360

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In SendPulse's Automation 360, you can add a Viber element to send service messages, for example, about order confirmation and status, delivery of goods, or debiting or crediting bonuses.

Add an element

Drag the Viber element to the flow. Connect it to the element after which you need to send the message.

You can also change your element name to differentiate between elements. Click the Element name option, and enter your new name in the field.

Specify your sending time

Select the time at which you want to send the message. You can choose Right away to send the message immediately, After to delay the sending time, or Exact time to set the time yourself.

Read more about block execution conditions in the article: Element (Block) Execution Time.

Select a sender

Select the sender on whose behalf users receive messages.

Add a message template

Select a message template. The selected template must have the Active status.

Please note that you can only choose a template to send service messages. The message template will be sent in its original form with variables filled in.

Select variables from the list.

If in the Flow start element you have selected Add subscriber, Special date, Contact webhook, or Change variable, then they will be filled in from the specified mailing list.

If in the Flow start element, you have selected Create a deal or Change deal stage, then the variables will be filled in from the fields in the selected CRM pipeline.

If you chose to start the flow by event, then the variables will be filled in from the body of the event that the contact sends, or from the body of the event and the mailing list, if the mailing list is selected (if there is a contact in that mailing list).

Set up a message lifetime

Set the message lifetime — the period during which the service will try to deliver your message to subscribers who were unavailable at the time of sending. The minimum message lifetime is one minute, and the maximum is 24 hours.

You can also add the Condition element and track the Delivered event to branch the flow script depending on the delivery status. For example, if the message was not delivered to the user via Viber, you can send an SMS. To do this, add the SMS element to the No branch.

View element statistics

To view detailed information about an element, exit the editor, and hover over the required element in the Flow tab. 

Your element can have the following statuses:

Expects Contacts are waiting for the element execution time you set in the Complete Action settings, or contacts are waiting to be processed.
All The number of all contacts that have reached this element.
Done Your message was sent to the recipient via Viber.
Delivery Your message was delivered to the recipient via Viber.

To get the Delivery status, your recipient must have the Viber app installed on their device, have an account with the indicated phone number, and be online.

Please note that if contacts go through the flow with the Viber element and their email addresses are not associated with phone numbers, then the Viber element will not be executed, and the movement along the flow will continue. In the statistics of launches, a skipped element is not recorded.

To view detailed information, click an element. A panel with your element settings and statistics will open. Below, you can view your list of contacts, message cost, delivery status, and delivery status change date.

Sending an element to a recipient can receive the following statuses:

Waiting for delivery reports The message has been sent to the user
Delivered The message has been delivered to the user
Opened The user opened the message in Viber
Redirected There was a click on the link specified in the message
Not delivered

The message was not delivered to the user.

Possible reasons for non-delivery: the limit on the number of messages has been exceeded, or an error is present in the message template.

Insufficient balance Not enough money to send the message, or Viber balance is blocked.
Invalid sender name The sender's name is inactive or entered incorrectly.
Invalid phone number  The user's phone number is incorrect.
There are no phone numbers for this country in your list Phone numbers for the specified country are missing from the contact list.
The phone is blacklisted The user's phone number is blacklisted.
The balance is temporarily locked The user's balance is temporarily locked.

You can also click an element ID and start editing the element.

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