Standard SendPulse service variables list

Here you’ll find a list of standard service variables that you can use when creating email templates and sending campaigns.

{{webversion}} Email message web-version, view the message in a browser.
{{email}} Email address.
{{subscriber_id}} Subscriber ID, the individual number that is unique for each subscriber.
{{host}} Website domain name.
{{archive}} Inserts a link to an archive webpage for the current mailing.
{{sp_subject}} Displays the current mailing subject.
{{sp_listname}} Displays the mailing list name.
{{sp_listsubscribers}} Displays the number of subscribers in a mailing list.
{{current_year}} The current year.
{{date}} The current date.
{{optin_date}} The recipient's subscription date.
{{unsubscribe_url}} Unsubscribe link.

SendPulse's service can understand and process variables that are specific for MailChimp and Unisender. They are replaced by SendPulse standard variables.

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