How to create a section

Divide your lessons into sections to help your students perceive the information you present better.

In this article, we'll take a look at how to add a section and description to it and set up the estimated time for completing the section and access to it.

Add a section

Go to your course page. Click on the arrow next to the Add Lesson button, and select Add Section.

You can also create a test using the lesson builder. Click on the top left menu, then click on the arrow below the lesson list, and select Add Section.

Enter a title. Below the title, you can include a section description to give students an overview of the topics covered.

Set up a section

Go to the list of lessons, and select Section Settings next to the desired section.

Section access options

If you add a new lesson to a running course, its access will be automatically set to Closed. To make your lesson available, go to its settings.

In the Access field, select a test availability option:

Active If your course is non-sequential, students will be able to take the test right away. If it is sequential, they will need to reach the required course section to take the test.
Inactive Students cannot take the test.
Schedule an opening Students can access the section on a scheduled date and time.

You can select from the following scheduling options:

On a date The section will be available on a selected date and time.

Select a date, time, and timezone.

In The section will be available after the previous section launch.

Enter the number of days for which the system should wait after the previous section launch to make your next section available.

This option is available only if you have scheduled your previous lesson.

Time limit

Set the estimated time the student can spend to complete all the lessons in the section: unlimited, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

Once you configure the required settings, click Apply.

Add a preview

You can add an image to your section preview that will be visible in student account course programs, the Lessons section of your SendPulse-powered course, and the Education by SendPulse app. This will help instructors and students quickly find the lessons they need in different sections.

To add a preview, turn on the Section preview toggle, click Choose an image, and select an image from the file manager.

Copy and duplicate elements

Available with a paid pricing plan, as well as during the 7-day free trial

If you have the same or similar elements in your course, you can copy sections, lessons, or tests to speed up the process of course development.

Go to the left sidebar menu, and click the three dots icon next to your section name and select the action:

Duplicate Allows you to add the exact same section with all its lessons, tests, and settings to the current course.
Copy to course Allows you to add the exact same section with all its lessons, tests, and settings to another course.

Permanently deletes the section with lessons and tests inside it.

In this case, all the progress will be lost for students who gained a passing score.

Once you finish creating and configuring your lessons, click Save and exit in the upper right corner of the builder.

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