How to Continue a Chatbot Flow without a User Action

You can continue a chatbot scenario without waiting for user interaction and send subsequent messages immediately or after scheduled intervals.

To connect elements, drag a line from the first element near the “Continue” point to the element you want to connect.

You can also add the following elements between two "Message" elements: "Filter," "Action," "API Request," and "Pause."

Use the “Pause” element to set the time and conditions for sending the next message. You can choose the time for sending the message: in minutes, hours, or days.

You can choose to pause in between using the "Time period" option or until a specific time using the "Till date" or "Till Time" option.

The "Till date" option is only available for Telegram and VKontakte chatbots.

Select the "Time period" option and set a pause between sending flow elements from 1 minute to 24 hours. Use it in a flow, for example, to warm up a client. After the specified time, the next message will be sent.

Please note, Telegram and Vkontakte allow you to send a message after a delay of several days, at the exact time you choose. However, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram only allow you to delay a scheduled message 24 hours from the time the previous message was sent.

If you select a pause of more than 1 day between elements, you can set the time at which the message will be sent. The system considers the next day any time after 00:00 according to the time zone set in the settings of your personal account.

Also, you can select "Till date" or "Till time" and set a delay until a particular time. For example, you can use this option to indicate business hours or promotion hours.

You can also choose a condition for sending the message:

Always - the message will be sent regardless of the subscriber's actions.

If inactive - the message will only be sent if the subscriber did not take any action before the element execution time (i.e. if they haven’t written a message and called a standard flow or a custom flow by keyword, clicked a button in previous messages, followed an additional flow branch scenario, and so on).

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