How to add instructors

You can add additional users who will monitor your students’ progress — those who track student progress, customize lessons, create tests, design certificates, and answer student questions. Your instructors’ names are displayed on the course page and on the certificate of completion.

By default, there is one instructor in your course — the account owner that created the course. With a paid plan, you can add more instructors.

To assign another person to be a course instructor, you need to invite the user and grant them access to your account.

Instructor permissions

CRM/EDU Manager (Inviter) is a standard user role that allows you to manage data in CRM and EDU without access to other SendPulse services.

All users with the CRM/EDU Manager (Inviter) role will automatically have access to courses in your account and will be listed as instructors.

Service Permissions
CRM View, create, edit, and delete deals, tasks, pipelines, task boards, tasks, and integrations.
EDU View, create, edit, and delete courses and certificates. Access to Pricing plans, Push notifications, and Promo codes.

On the paid plan, you can add more instructors according to your plan.

If you want to provide more or fewer permissions than provided by the standard role, create a custom one with all the required permissions.

Read more: How to create a custom user role.

How to add a course instructor

You can add instructors in the course builder or in your account settings.

In the course builder

Go to your course, and click the instructor icon under the title. Click Invite a new user.

You will be redirected to the Team section of your account settings, where you can invite a user for this role. Read on to find out how to do it.

In your account settings

You can also add a user and assign them a role in your account settings.

Go to Account settings > Team. Click Invite a new user.

Read more: How to manage user roles.

Add personal data

Enter the user's personal data, and select CRM/EDU Manager (Inviter) or custom role in the Role field.

Select access options

You can give access only to specific students or courses.

Scroll down to the EDU section, turn on the section toggle, and select an access option.

Roles determine the access rights (viewing, editing, and deleting) users have in the Courses section. If you want to customize access options, create or edit a custom user role. However, you cannot customize access options in standard roles.

Courses Access to the Courses section.

You can give access to specific courses in your account. To do this, select them from the dropdown list.

Students Access to viewing a list of students, their questions, and homework assignments.

Select the students you want to give access to.

All students: your instructor will have access to all students in the course.

Teacher's students: your instructor will have access to individual students or student groups they are assigned to.

If this section is deactivated, your instructor will have access to all homework assignments, questions, and the list of students.

Click Send invitation, and wait for the user to confirm their invitation using their specified email address. This user will be added as an instructor to all your courses.

How to edit instructor information

You can change the name, surname, and phone number of the instructor only in the invited user settings. Go to Account Settings > Team. Next to the instructor you need, click on the three dots icon, and select Edit. Change their name in the Name field.

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