Statistics and Analysis

Detailed information about efficiency of your campaigns

  • Statistics

    Last Updated: 11.08.2022

    After a campaign is delivered, statistics are collected. Every email-delivery report is an opportunity to improve your next campaign. To review the statistics, click the tab “My campaigns,” choose a campaign, and go to “Campaign statistics.”

  • How to Check Statistics on a Contact

    Last Updated: 12.09.2022

    When you click on an email address, you can track detailed information about it: the date and source of the subscription, data on activity in mailings, and variables.

  • How to Track Statistics with SendPulse

    Last Updated: 09.09.2022

    A critical stage in communicating with subscribers via email is tracking campaign statistics, which includes indicators such as open email rates and click-throughs. To make these indicators available, you need to enable them during campaign creation an email.

  • How to Export Campaign Results

    Last Updated: 11.08.2022

    SendPulse allows you to export two types of data: email addresses and the statistics from the campaign.

  • How to Track Statistics on Subscription Form Events

    Last Updated: 12.09.2022

    In the "EMAIL" tab, click "Subscription forms."

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