How to work with a sales pipeline and manage deals

  • Pipeline basics

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    A CRM sales pipeline is a consolidated list of deals for people at different stages of communication with your brand. A pipeline allows you to track information on your progress with a particular lead or customer.

  • How to create a deal

    Last Updated: 16.07.2024

    A deal is a card in your CRM dashboard that helps you evaluate your interactions with customers at different stages of the sales funnel. The main task of a CRM platform is to record all the requests from leads in the sales pipeline.

  • How to edit your deal

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    To manage deals effectively, it’s important to keep them up to date. You can edit your deal name, amount, due date, fields, contact information, and files.

  • Sources of automatically added deals and contacts

    Last Updated: 17.07.2024

    You can add deals manually or set up integrations to automatically create deals after communicating with a client on one of the communication channels. Integrate CRM with chatbots, email services, landing pages, payment systems, pop-ups, subscription forms in SendPulse, and other services.

  • How to view deals

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    You can track deals and their data at all deal stages. In this article, we will talk about how to find your deals, select a view mode, and view deal cards and linked information.

  • How to add a quick deal

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    You can add a quick deal directly at the desired stage (status) of the kanban board. Use it to quickly add a deal while you are communicating with a lead. This kind of deal has fewer fields to fill out.

  • How to manage deals

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    To optimize your resources and better monitor your workflows, you can change deal stages and assignees and complete, delete, or share deals.

  • How to find deals using filters

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    To quickly access your deals, use deal filter criteria. You can also save your frequently used filters and automate the search process.

  • How to manage team members

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    You can invite a team to work together on a project. Delegate the tasks to your team members so that they work with your tasks, clients, and deals.

  • How to manage deal fields

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    You can add fields to deals to capture additional information. For example, you can add a product name, preferred shipping or payment method, and so on, and use that data for personalized communication.

  • How to work with deal history and comments

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    When working in sales or project management, you need to track a multitude of deals and interact with your team. To build your workflows effectively, you can view deal history, leave comments, and attach documents to discuss them with the team.

  • How to view closed deals

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    In SendPulse CRM, you can view and filter information on closed deals, as well as reopen closed deals to work.

  • How to work with the calendar

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    With the help of our CRM calendar, you can view your deals by date to manage your resources more efficiently and see how much time you need to complete a deal.

  • How to export deals

    Last Updated: 05.07.2024

    You can export certain deal data from your CRM system to a file to use them for reporting, process them in a table, or import them to other storage services. You can also transfer deals to another pipeline and continue working with them there.

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