Conversational marketing is a strategy that implies communicating with customers with the help of live chats, chatbots, and voice assistants. A consumer can reach a company through these forms of communication when visiting a brand’s website, social media, or paid ads. This method helps attract more prospects, understand their needs, and lead them down the sales funnel faster. SendPulse allows you to reinforce your conversational marketing strategy with the help of chatbots and a live chat for your website

In this article, we’ll discover conversational marketing statistics and benefits. We’ll also review three conversational marketing platforms that can help you get inspired by some outstanding examples.

Conversational Marketing Statistics

Conversational marketing allows businesses to communicate with their leads, solve their problems just in time, and provide them with the information they need. Face-to-face communication is essential for customers, and live chats and chatbots help connect the digital and physical worlds. Statistics prove that prospects often need personal assistance.

71% of buyers prefer to communicate with brands in real time.

52% of consumers mention that they will purchase from a brand again if its team provides support in a live chat.

Moreover, conversational marketing brings advantages to businesses as well.

79% of brands report that a live chat contributes to customer loyalty, a higher number of sales, and increased revenue.

Now that we have reviewed the most important statistics that represent the benefits of implementing conversational marketing, let’s walk you through each of them in more detail.

Benefits of Conversational Marketing

Entrepreneurs implement the technique because of the various pros it brings to businesses. Companies aim to enhance user experience and implement innovation so that customers can perceive them as industry leaders. Moreover, conversational marketing is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get insights into their customers’ needs and problems.

Apart from a better buying experience, the strategy enables brands to qualify leads, connect them to the right departments, and effectively move prospective customers down the sales funnel. As a result, businesses acquire more conversions, high organic traffic, and a wide customer base. Close communication with customers allows companies to understand their needs and address them quickly. When a company knows a lot about its consumers, it can effectively identify the right time to implement upselling and cross-selling, increasing its revenue.

By engaging with customers using the most suitable channels like live chats or chatbots, brands provide users with an excellent buying experience. This tactic improves customer satisfaction and encourages word-of-mouth promotion and referrals. As a result, a brand can obtain new customers.

The majority of startup owners assume that creating chatbots requires some special skills and knowledge when it actually doesn’t. We have gathered several conversational marketing platform examples that don’t require you to specialize in programming or coding.

3 Conversational Marketing Platforms

Although developing a good chatbot can take a lot of time and effort, there are still a lot of excellent platforms that help simplify the process. Consider using the following platforms to provide your customers with instant help.


Our chatbot builder allows you to automate replies, manage customers’ inquiries, and move leads down the sales funnel. You can set up a chatbot on the most popular marketing channels like Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. By creating a chatbot using SendPulse, you have an opportunity to quickly consult customers and provide them with all the necessary information about your products.

SendPulse allows you to add up to 10 quick replies to make the process faster, use buttons to redirect users to your site, or provide the necessary information using links. To enhance your sales process, the platform enables you to receive payments from customers right in the chatbot by integrating your preferred payment system. Check out our article to find out how you can create a chatbot for free.

Below you can see how to start creating a chatbot flow with SendPulse. There are several variables you can include to start a flow.

Free plan: up to 1,000 subscribers, three bots in Messenger and Telegram, ten variables, one RSS feed for auto-posting, and API.
Paid plan: From $7.88 per month for one user, billed annually.

The platform also enables users to create a live chat for their website. It helps introduce a company to a user, collect user data, and convert more leads into customers. You can integrate a live chat with landing pages, chatbots, and CRM for better performance. This way, you can increase your outreach, blow up conversions and store all the data about your clients in one place. With our service, you can design a nice live chat widget that aligns with your brand style, welcomes new site visitors, and assists them during their journey. Set up automated flows answering their FAQs and let them talk to a live chat agent if they need more help.

Below you can see 3 default triggers that can launch the flow. You can create your own triggers based on keywords. For more information about creating a live chat for your website, check out our Knowledge Base.

Free plan: 1,000 active users and 10,000 conversations across all messaging apps.
Paid plan: the price depends on the number of subscribers.


The service empowers you to automate all your marketing efforts using a chatbot. It will help you manage your lead generation and customer support service. It provides you with an editor that allows you to design chatbots to your liking without any coding skills. The platform enables you to create a chatbot that can provide your customer with information and advice.

Since brands often use popular social media platforms, Chatfuel offers you to integrate with lots of other platforms. It also provides users with access to analytics to explore their chatbot performance and gather valuable insights.

Below you can see how to create a chatbot with Chatfuel.


Source: Medium

Free plan: 30-day trial.
Paid plan: From $15 per month.


13chats is a platform that suits the needs of marketers, support teams, and sales reps. With its Facebook chatbots and live chat option, you can boost sales volume and customer satisfaction. If you have a small or medium-sized startup, you can use 13chats to improve your online chat services. It allows you to use a drag-and-drop editor to create professional message flows with no coding skills or knowledge.

13chats’ chatbots enable you to update customer info, upcoming promotions, product releases, webinars, and personalized offers. Moreover, you have the access to chatbot analytics to evaluate your performance. These insights can help you deliver the best content that meets customers’ needs and desires.

Below you can see an example of chatbot audience activity analytics.


Source: 13chats

Free plan: Available forever.
Paid plan: From $13 per month.

Examples of Conversational Marketing

Brands need a human approach to obtain the necessary information from visitors, such as a conversational marketing strategy. Let’s delve into several examples to grab some inspiration from established companies.


Kayak’s interactive chatbot empowers travelers to find the necessary flights and hotels in Facebook Messenger within minutes. With its help, customers can search for hundreds of hotels, flights, and places to visit and book everything they need. The main advantage of the chatbot over its website is that a user can search the history and find the necessary information when opening a conversation with a chatbot.



Sephora tries its best to engage customers and provide them with a human approach. The retailer designed two Facebook Messenger chatbots that assist its leads and customers. Sephora Reservation Assistant helps customers book a makeover while the Sephora Virtual Artist chatbot allows customers to find the products they look for.


Simply put, conversational marketing is effective if you aim at reaching out to your target audience, exploring their needs, and addressing them correctly. Nowadays, good customer support is impossible without a chatbot or live chat.


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