A bulk email blast is a mass email campaign sent to a large group of recipients at once. These email blasts usually comprise marketing and advertising messages, the aim of which is brand promotion and maintaining the relationship with customers.

With a bulk email blast, a mailing list is not segmented, and thus, the messages within are nontargeted. Here, a business owner aims to promote its brand within the entire consumer demographic through an email campaign. It gives marketers more chances to retain clients, make prospects buy, and build relationships between the brand and the consumer. Note, while sending email blasts, a marketer ought to abide by the CAN-SPAM Act, and thus, elaborately identify the business that is sending the email and include an unsubscribe link.

An ineffective bulk email blast can prove to be quite catastrophic to a business. For one, it can make customers ignore any future emails from the brand. Worse still, sending irrelevant email blasts can tarnish the reputation of a company. Luckily, with SendPulse, one can create relevant campaigns that captivate the largest customer base. Apart from that, the service also helps you send and track the effectiveness of your email campaign. So, are you that proactive internet marketer, email marketing expert, or online entrepreneur? Then, send a bulk email blast with SendPulse!

What is a bulk email blast service?

A bulk email service helps businesses send email blasts to existing customers and prospects. There are several bulk email blast services on the market right now, each with a different pricing plan. Some offer free trials with the option of an upgrade once a marketer finds them suitable for their brand. Others require one to choose a specific plan after the registration.

Email service providers offer automatic mailing list management. Moreover, it helps marketers create professional campaigns in no time.

Below are essential things each marketer should consider ahead of choosing a blast email marketing service.

  • Ease of use: Businesses should work with services that are easy to use and applicable to them. It makes sense to go for a service that automatically integrates with the company’s CRM or database.
  • Industry: There are blast email services that cater to specific sectors of business. Thus, marketers should choose those that satisfy their industry requirements.
  • Automation: Today, virtually all email marketing services allow brands to automate their email campaigns. However, each of these services does it differently. Therefore, it is up to the marketer to examine how these services automate campaigns and determine if they help meet their particular needs.
  • Pricing: Choose a service that fits your budget. Remember that the set of professional features determine the prices. Still, lots of popular services offer free trials and free pricing plans for marketers to try their email marketing effort.

How to Send a Bulk Email Blast for Free

  1. Register in SendPulse
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Design an email template
  4. Check and send the bulk email blast
  5. Monitor the reports

It is possible to send bulk email blast — with a custom message and design — to thousands of addresses without paying any fees. SendPulse email service allows its customers to send 15,000 emails every month to 500 addresses on a mailing list. To set up a bulk email blast campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Register in SendPulse. Go to the SendPulse homepage and click on “Sign up” to begin the registration process. Fill out all the required details in the provided fields. This information includes name, phone, email, and a chosen password.
  2. Create a campaign. Get to your account and click on the “Create a Campaign” tab. Then, next to the “Mailing List” add a list of addresses or create a new list under “Mailing Lists.” Verify your mailing list to increase your deliverability rates and sender reputation. Then, fill out the sending address and name in “From:” and “Sender’s Name” respectively. Finish this step by adding a subject line of choice. Ideally, it should be a call to action that prompts the reader to open the email.
  3. Design an email template. Select one for the email blast from the 130 free email templates available in SendPulse. Choose one that fits the campaign or activity. It is also possible to craft your template using the SendPulse HTML editor. All the templates created in the service are responsive so that they will look perfect on the smallest screen resolution.
  4. Check and send the bulk email blast. Verify that all the fields are filled out and that the information in them is correct. Then, preview it to get a picture of how the readers will see it. Enable email statistics tracking, schedule sending if necessary, and send.
  5. Monitor the reports. Conveniently measure how the email blast campaign performs using SendPulse. Discover metrics such as open and click-through rates, delivery errors, unopened mail, subscriber activity, and so forth.
    To enjoy more SendPulse features such as sending out unlimited emails, AI-assisted personalization, upgrade to a paid plan!

Bulk email blast examples

Below are examples of excellent bulk email blast campaigns.

To start us off, here is how Uber does it:

Bulk email blast from Uber

A bulk marketing email from Starbucks:

Bulk email blast from Starbucks

Finally, a promotional email from BuzzFeed:

Promotional email from BuzzFeed

Bulk Email Blast Best Practices

  1. Always use a bulk email blast service
  2. Send it to a legal mailing list
  3. Think about the recipients’ interests when designing your campaign
  4. Add clear CTAs

An email blast can be a very effective marketing strategy if used properly: to benefit or convince recipients rather than irritate them. That said, here are some best practices to help business owners and marketers get the most out of email blast campaigns.

  • Always use a bulk email blast service. Email service providers increase email delivery and open rate enabling marketers to follow up on the progress of their campaigns. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing if the campaign benefits the prospect clients and whether the email got to the inbox of the recipients or was sent to the spam folder.
  • Send it to a legal mailing list. Sending marketing emails to purchased addresses or without explicit permission from recipients ruins the sender's reputation and business-customer relationship. Instead, use a double opt-in method to build a high-quality mailing list.
  • Think about the recipients’ interests when designing your campaign. The message in an email marketing campaign should relate to the prospects’ interests. Aim to provide valuable content that persuades them to check out what you are offering. To send relevant campaigns, offer subscribers to manage their email preferences regarding the content and the sending frequency.
  • Add clear CTAs. Lack of compelling calls to action renders the message useless. Design CTAs based on the action the recipient is supposed to take and put them in strategic places in the email.

Do you need to create an effective email blast campaign? Register in SendPulse and start building beneficial relationships with clients for free!
Send bulk email blast

Send bulk email blast

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