How to Set Up a Custom Tracking Domain

Every link in an email is wrapped in a domain for tracking. When a recipient clicks on a link from an email, the link is first redirected to the domain for tracking, and then to the original link. This redirection process happens quickly and is used to track statistics about clicks. To remove the generic tracking link and add your branded domain, configure your DNS record to track clickthroughs on your domain.

By default, users are redirected to our sender service domain with the SendPulse domain certificate:

Add Your Domain to Sendpulse

Navigate to the “Email” > “Service settings” section and click on the tab “Email Authentication”. Choose “Own domain for tracking” and click on “Activate”.

Enter the domain that you want to set up a CNAME record for in the domain field.

Choose your SSL certificate preferences:

An SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between users and a site, domains with SSL certificates start with https://.

Browsers add a warning for clickthroughs on insecure http:// sites, suggesting that they are dangerous or suspicious.

Browsers mark clickthroughs from SSL secured https:// links as safe and add green padlock in the address bar.

You have 3 SSL certificate options with SendPulse:

  • “Do not use certificate” - tracking links will not have SSL certificates;
  • “Generate automatically” - An SSL certificate from SendPulse will be added to your tracking domain;
  • “Use your certificate” - to add your certificate fill in the “Certificate body”, “Private key”, “Ca chain certificate” fields.

Click “Add and check DNS record”

Copy the values from the “Record” and “Value” fields - you will need to paste them in your domain panel settings.

Creating a DNS Record

To add or edit a DNS record, log into the control panel of your domain. This process will look a little different for each domain provider, but the goal is the same.

Select "Create a DNS record" and then select the CNAME DNS record type. Paste the values that you copied from SendPulse into the corresponding fields.

If everything is correct, you will see a notification confirming that you successfully added a new DNS record and it will appear in the list of the records.

Check and Activate

Note that DNS records take time to update so that it may take between a couple of hours and a couple of days (depending on the domain) before the new record changes status.

When everything is done, you will see the new domain status change to "Active" in your SendPulse dashboard.

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