You can send email campaigns not only to the whole list of subscribers but also to one segment of subscribers. A segment is a group of subscribers who have common needs and priorities.

Why is segmentation effective in email marketing?

By describing your subscribers, you’ll realize that all of them are individuals of different ages and gender with different professions. All your subscribers have different experiences, ideas, moods, and opinions. Their desires and needs are also individual. Using segmentation will mean you can create more targeted and engaging email campaigns and make offers to particular segments of your mailing list. 

How to segment a mailing list?

You can implement segmentation from the beginning of your communication with clients. For this purpose, use the necessary information that users submit in the subscription form, such as age, gender, location, or date of registration (subscription). You can learn your subscribers’ interests for segments with the help of additional surveys in emails. Here is an example of how National Geographic does it:

How to Create Segments with SendPulse

Choose the address book and tick "Send to a part of the list." Then you should specify the segmentation criteria by clicking "Add a list segmentation criteria," for example, "City." In the empty field, you should write the criterion for your segmentation, for example, "London." It will look like this:

When you save this segment, you can use it in your future mailings.


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