When it comes to the beauty industry, everything has to be beautiful: from the products you’re trying to sell to marketing tools you’re using to encourage a purchase. As any purchase in email marketing starts from a click, and a click, cannot occur without an open, we decided to carry out an inbox experiment on the element of the email that affects the opens directly — a subject line.

Not to go far from fashion email marketing research that we have conducted so far, we turned to the beauty industry, which is one of the top-developing sectors now. Read on to check our findings on how beauty brands turn the subject line of their emails into a door to further purchases.


At the beginning of our research, we chose well-known beauty brands and added them to an Excel spreadsheet. Our file included the company’s name, information about the campaigns and the subject lines, as well as the total number of emails:

beauty email subject line research
An excel spreadsheet at the beginning of our beauty email subject line research

After that, we subscribed to beauty emails of these brands and had been monitoring the activity in our inbox for ten days.


We analyzed the gathered data to find out how beauty brands use email subject lines to onboard new subscribers and what are some common rules, if any, companies stick to while composing them.

Subject lines for welcome emails from beauty brands

We got welcome emails from 80% of analyzed beauty brands, the half of which turned their emails into a welcome series.

For example, Olay used their first email to welcome the new subscriber and thank them for their signup with a first order special offer. Its subject line fully reflected the content of their email. By the way, the email looks rather personalized as in the subject line, the company was addressing the subscriber directly by name.

welcome email example
The first welcome email from Olay

The company’s second email pointed out how the user can benefit from the membership. The brand offered subscribers the expert skincare advice and shared their customers experience of using the company’s products.

welcome email example
The second welcome email from Olay

With their third email, the company tried to bring value and treated their recipients with a personalized offer. The brand asked the subscriber to send a selfie to get a personal skincare plan. Subscribers didn’t even have to open the email to find that out — a glimpse at the subject line was enough.

welcome email example
The third welcome email from Olay

Subject line length in emails from beauty brands

Studies show that users are more likely to open an email if the subject line is between six to ten words. In our case, 70% of the companies followed this rule — their subject lines fitted into that marker.

beauty email subject line length
Email subject line length in beauty industry

Anyway, ten words are not always enough to convey the message and encourage users to open the email. In this case, an email subject line linked to the preheader can come in handy not only for marketers but also for subscribers.

Our study showed that 60% of beauty brands extend the subject line using a preview text:

beauty email subject line examples
Examples of beauty email subject lines connected with the preheader text

Subject line techniques in emails from beauty brands

The research revealed that beauty brands mainly turn to personalization while creating a subject line for the campaign — 33% of the subject lines we’ve got addressed us by name. 27% of email subject lines were calling for FOMO (fear of missing out) and 20% for curiosity.

beauty email subject line techniques
Techniques used by beauty brands in email subject lines


In a nutshell, here’s what our research cleared up:

50% of analyzed beauty brands created email subject lines of 6-10 words;

60% of beauty brands connected their email subject line with the preheader;

80% of beauty companies we investigated used personalization in their subject lines.

We hope our beauty findings will come in handy for creating your winning subject lines. Turn on your imagination and don’t forget to A/B test your creations with SendPulse!

Watch a video on the best practices for email subject lines on the SendPulse YouTube channel:

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