A booking confirmation email is a transactional email that notifies a user that their order is being processed. This email confirms the booking and provides all the necessary details. With SendPulse, you can send these emails automatically.

Every user expects to receive a confirmation email after booking a hotel room, a tour, a restaurant table, a flight or a haircut. If they don't find one in their inbox, they will think that something went wrong with their order. So, don't leave your customers alone when interacting with your brand and provide them with the best user experience!

Why Booking Confirmation Emails are Important

  • Contribute to building customer loyalty
  • Show high open rates and CTR
  • Automatically sent
  • Reassure users
  • Contribute to building customer loyalty. Certainly, customer loyalty is formed not by email alone, but it shows a client that you care even after they pay.
  • High open rates and CTR. People wait for your booking confirmation emails, hence, they perform better than promotional campaigns. As a result, they positively impact your sender reputation.
  • Automatically sent. Rely on marketing automation services. Using automation, you can set up sending booking confirmation emails one time and focus on your marketing strategy.
  • Reassure users. Inform subscribers that they have successfully completed their booking and from then on they will have no doubts.

How to Write a Booking Confirmation Email

  • Write a relevant subject line and a preheader
  • Personalize
  • Give thanks
  • Include all the booking details in the email
  • Allow users to manage their booking
  • Add links to your social media profiles
  • Incorporate a clear CTA
  • Explain the booking cancellation policy
  • Leave the contacts of a reservation manager
  • Attach a relevant image
  • Offer a discount

To send relevant confirmation emails, follow the tips below:

  1. Write a relevant subject line and a preheader. A user should understand your intention directly from the inbox. Make both your subject line and a preheader informative. With SendPulse, you can customize the preheader easily. It may look like this “Congrats, Charles! Your order #3423 has been successfully placed.”
  2. Personalize. A personalized email is not an option, but a must for industries sending booking confirmation emails. Apart from providing an individual approach, they deliver necessary details.
  3. Give thanks. Suppose, your brand was not the only solution for a client. Something made them choose your services. So, be polite and say that you appreciate their decision.
  4. Include all the booking details in the email. Your confirmation email is a chance for a client to find all the necessary information in one place. Be sure to include the date of both the booking and their stay, their address, payment receipt, check-in and check-out dates, etc. Specify the amount of money to be paid for their stay.
  5. Allow users to manage their booking. Having checked the data, a client may need to correct something, or may just change their mind. To be on the safe side and avoid overlaps, provide a link to the booking page.
  6. Add links to your social media profiles. This will help you increase the performance of your hotel marketing strategy, as well as build trust among subscribers, and give users more information about your brand — a win-win for both of you.
  7. Incorporate a clear CTA. A call to action should explicitly tell users what they should do next to complete their booking. It may say “Confirm my booking”, “Complete my booking”, “Pay”, “Modify my booking”.
  8. Explain the booking cancellation policy. Stuff happens, you know. Show that you care and state the deadline to cancel a booking for free. This will help you avoid negative reviews about your company.
  9. Leave the contacts of a reservation manager. Should anything happen, email is not the best way to connect with a company. A phone number is the best alternative.
  10. Attach a relevant image. It may be a photo of the city a client is going to visit, a tempting meal from a local restaurant, hotel apartments, etc. That will inspire customers and build anticipation.
  11. Offer a discount. You may do this to reward your clients. Give a discount for a local taxi, museum, their next tour, their next visit to a restaurant, etc.

How to Send a Booking Confirmation Email

With Automation 360, you can send a booking confirmation automatically. First of all, you should go to the “Event manager” and create an event “Booked”. Follow this step-by-step guide.

Then, create an email workflow that will start right after a user makes a booking on your website. You may add a condition to resend the email if a user doesn’t open it. Find out more about sending automated emails in this article.

Booking Confirmation Email Examples

Below is an email sent by a world-known platform Booking.com. A user receives all the necessary information regarding their stay at the hostel. It includes the city, the date, the hostel, check-in and check-out dates, details regarding prepayment, payment, and cancellation cost. A client is provided with a phone number to connect with the hostel.

Booking confirmation email

This is an email sent to confirm an appointment with a barber. It has all the necessary details as well just like the previous email. Besides, the company reminds the recipient about the appointment on the X day. If a client doesn’t confirm it once again, it will be canceled.

Booking confirmation email

Booking Confirmation Email Best Practices

  1. Automate booking confirmation email sending
  2. Send AMP emails
  3. Segment your contacts before sending a booking confirmation email
  4. Send a confirmation email RIGHT after the booking
  5. Promote your referral program
  • Automate booking confirmation email sending. If you deal with marketing for hotels worldwide, it would be rather a daunting task to send each email automatically. So, choose a marketing automation service that allows setting up email sending in advance based on user actions.
  • Send AMP emails. These are web-page-like emails with dynamic content that allow recipients to interact with the brand right from their inbox. Use this technology to let your clients modify their booking on the go.
  • Segment your contacts before sending a booking confirmation email. Take into account different variables to create an email relevant to each subscriber. These variables include data based on the industry. It may be the number of the booking, place a user is going to visit, date and time, language a client speaks, etc.
  • Send a confirmation email RIGHT after the booking. Don’t make any delays and notify the clients about their order immediately after they complete their booking. This way, they won’t be worried about their plans and your brand will gain satisfied customers.
  • Promote your referral program. Big brands motivate their clients to attract new users with special bonuses or cashback from the orders made by their friends. This way, you increase revenue and customer loyalty.
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