A footer is an email element placed at the bottom, which usually contains general information about a company, such as the address, telephone number, website, social media icons, and the unsubscribe button. 

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Here are some tips for creating an email footer:

  • A simple design matters when you deal with a large amount of information. To avoid confusion in the footer, it's better to group the elements in one style.  
  • Add the link to your contact information because many subscribers may want to connect with you after reading your email.
  • Keep social media icons in one style and size. 
  • Don't forget to include copyright information. Note that all rights are reserved and give a link to a privacy policy. Mention copyright with the icon ©, write the year of creation, and the name of the owner to whom all names, logos, products, service names, designs, and slogans belong.
  • It's necessary to include in the footer the "Unsubscribe" button for those subscribers who have no wish to receive your emails anymore. 

Don't hide the unsubscribe link by using a small font or a color that makes the text impossible to read, because the subscriber may mark your email as spam.

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