Email retargeting is a way to re-engage both leads and clients via an email campaign. Marketers add subscribers to an ad network and show them highly targeted ads while browsing the internet.

In simpler terms, email retargeting involves creating the right ad and directing it to the right people, which is email subscribers and prospects who have engaged with the brand previously. Retargeted prospects are three times more likely to click a brand ad than individuals who have never engaged with the brand. For that reason, one in five marketers is now setting aside a budget for retargeting. Retargeting display ads have high conversion probability, and if used correctly, it’s a very effective way of re-engaging leads.

How does email retargeting work?

Email retargeting is a powerful way of supplementing email campaigns with display ads. It works just like traditional website retargeting except that it allows the marketer to reach email subscribers as opposed to site visitors alone. Businesses show personalized pop up ads to leads depending on the stage they are in the sales funnel. They make offers to prospects who abandoned their shopping carts without purchasing or upsell to customers who have made a previous purchase.

To make it work, the sender places a unique code in the email HTML or signature and then sends it to a recipient’s inbox. When the subscriber opens it, they will see the brand’s ads on pages they visit on the web. The adverts are personalized depending on the information that the marketer has about the subscriber. Therefore, the targeted lead will most likely notice the ad and click on it. When they click, they are directed to the relevant page on the business website to make a purchase.

Email retargeting is particularly useful when:

  • The business is suffering from a high cart abandonment rate.
  • When a marketer wants to interest website visitors who have not taken action.
  • When a brand wants to personalize promotions to subscribers.

Together with email marketing, implementing retargeting increases business reach. You can start email retargeting with SendPulse email service to boost brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

Types of Email Retargeting

In marketing, email retargeting can mean two things:


In this case, the advertiser or marketer sends an email with a web beacon to email subscribers. When a recipient opens the email in a web browser, the beacon tags it. This method only works for some email clients.


Marketers send personalized emails to website visitors who haven’t done action. User cookies from the site are matched to an email address, and the visitor starts to receive customized email messages about a product they showed interest in. It is a useful type of retargeting that helps reach interested people only.

Email Retargeting Best Practices

Before starting an email retargeting campaign, keep in mind these tips and best practices:

  • Use a reliable email marketing service to tailor the email campaigns to each segment. SendPulse helps monitor subscriber activity, such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.
  • Send retargeting emails soon after a particular event is triggered. For example, an abandoned cart email sent within an hour after a customer leaves their shopping cart gives chances to increase sales. Follow this step-by-step guide to send it.
  • Personalize email content and give the customer an explicit action to take.
  • Pay attention to ad frequency so that the subscriber does not feel like they are being stalked.
  • Control your add quality, content, and location. Make sure they don’t look unprofessional or show up on disreputable domains.
  • Stop your email retargeting campaign right after a client performs the desired action. 


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