SpamСop is a spam reporting service. The platform allows users who received unsolicited or bulk emails to report IP addresses, identified by the SpamCop analysis as spam senders. These reports are then used by SpamCop to compile the so-called "SpamCop Blacklist." 

SpamСop was founded in 1998 by Julian Haight and is positioning itself as an individual effort to contribute to the efforts of stopping spam. As the service gained popularity, they hired more staff, and the SpamCop Blacklist was extended and became more popular.

The service has seen two acquisitions: one by IronPort Systems in 2003, and the other one in 2007 by Cisco Systems. After the second acquisition, SpamСop's founder Julian Haight left the company. 

SpamCop has faced severe DDoS and other kinds of attacks from spammers, and in spite of it, it survived and proved its usefulness. In particular, it proved to be effective in helping IPSs, web hosts, and email providers to identify abusing accounts before the spammer had finished the process. 

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