Сorporate sales are sales done from one business to another. They are also called business-to-business sales.

In this article, we’ll unveil how to do corporate sales.

How to do corporate sales?

You should prepare a well-thought-out strategy and a team of professional corporate sales representatives. We've listed the steps you need to take to win business-to-business sales.

  1. Make sure your sales reps know the peculiarities of your product. People getting into sales need to learn the product’s features, benefits, and value. If sales representatives explore the product for the first time, they need to have enough time to adjust to the requirements of your company. Ensure that your salespeople are ready to promote your product, communicate its benefits, and explain its value to businesses that want to purchase it.
  2. Take appointments. You'll need to be ready to work with rejections at this step. People won’t take your offer seriously before they understand that your product will become a perfect solution to their problem. To make customers change their minds, you should develop a great sales pitch and excellent product knowledge. You need to be persuasive, friendly, and sympathetic. Prospects should feel you care and sell your product because it can help. Be polite and tell potential customers the information they need. Convey the product’s benefits, features, and value.
  3. Understand your customers’ needs. Ask potential customers questions that will help you understand their needs and prepare them for the main sales pitch. You should ask about the number of products needed, budget, requirements, features, delivery, etc. This information will help you figure out the needs of your customers.
  4. Prepare your pitch. After you understand customers’ requirements, you need to start your pitch. The perfect pitch is a one-minute pitch that covers all your ideals, product, and company information. However, you should be ready to adjust to customers’ questions and needs during the conversation. If you see that your potential clients care a lot about the price, you should adapt your speech to uncover your pricing. When prospects have specific goals, you need to tell them about your product’s features that can help them attain these targets.
  5. Send email campaigns. If you have qualified leads, you can close deals fast. However, usually, it takes a company some time to win new customers. Consider sending follow-ups or making calls. The follow-ups are designed to receive a positive answer from customers as soon as possible. So, you need to prepare quality email campaigns encouraging prospects to buy. With SendPulse, you can design excellent follow-up emails in no time.
  6. Ensure excellent after-sales service. Your corporate sales reps should realize that after-sales service is vital. Customers’ experience with your company influences their future decision to continue purchasing your products or services. That’s why make sure to provide customers with all the necessary assistance and help. You need to make them come back.

Congrats, now you know what corporate sales are and how to do them. Hope that our short guide will lead you to successful deals with other companies.

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