An advertising campaign is a marketing ad or a set of advertisements targeted at particular audience segments. Their main goal is to increase conversions. The success of an ad campaign depends on the choice of a channel, strategy, and tactics.

In this article, we’ll explain the role of advertising campaigns, talk about their objectives, share some effective ideas, walk you through the process of creating an ad campaign with SendPulse, and provide some examples to get inspired.

Why are advertising campaigns important?

They help businesses grow. Without advertising, you can’t tell the world about your fantastic product, promote your services, find clients, and expand your outreach.

Advertising campaigns can help you reveal the best strategies and the most effective tactics for your business. With each new campaign, you’ll become more experienced, gain valuable insights into your audience, find out your drawbacks, and identify the areas for improvement.

This is possible if you manage to set your goals wisely. Let’s discover the aims you can achieve with the help of advertising campaigns.

Objectives of Advertising Campaigns

You can reach various business goals with a well-planned advertising campaign. They include:

Now that you know how many goals you can achieve with a killer advertising campaign, it’s time to explore some ideas to get started.

Advertising Campaign Ideas and Examples

  1. Offer a lead magnet
  2. Hold contests
  3. Provide special offers
  4. Run holiday campaigns
  5. Make use of contextual advertising
  6. Showcase your products
  7. Partner with influencers

You’re only limited by your imagination. The more creative your campaigns are, the more likely they are to hit the hearts of your potential clients and customers. In this section, we’ll share some proven ways to grow your client base, increase sales, and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Offer a lead magnet

Your site visitors go a long way before buying from you. They study your site, look for reviews, and compare your and your competitors’ prices. You can easily shorten this conversion path. Let your leads grab a discount for the first purchase in exchange for their email address. This is a win-win for both. You’ll get new clients, and people will buy their favorite items at a reduced price.

Check out how Gap reaps the benefits of this strategy. The brand offers site visitors to leave their email addresses and get 25% off for the first purchase.

Advertising campaign

Hold contests

People love to compete and interact with a brand, but they especially love gifts. The easiest way to implement this strategy is to run a contest on Instagram. This social media has a low barrier to entry and a huge number of users worldwide. It’s your chance to spread the word about your brand, boost engagement, encourage user-generated content, and blow up sales.

In 2014, Starbucks launched the White Cup Contest to let people design their white cups. As a result, the contest generated approximately 4,000 entries in 3 weeks, and the winner’s design was printed on a limited edition of reusable white cups.

Starbucks contest

Provide special offers

Special offers are time-limited discounts that will help you blow up sales. You can offer your customers to buy their favorite items at a reduced price or provide free shipping. This will be the last push for those who hesitate.

Ella+Mila combined this strategy with email marketing. The brand lets its email subscribers get a 20% discount on $25+ purchases and free shipping.

Advertising campaign

Run holiday campaigns

Every marketer should make the most out of holidays. During this time people look for presents for their friends and family and are ready to spend more money. If you provide them with a discount, you’ll be able to increase your sales volume significantly.

Don’t forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days, brands can skyrocket their sales and acquire a lot of new leads.

LOOKFANTASTIC informes its email subscribers about the last hour of the Black Friday sale and offers a 55% discount. It also provides popular items with their discount in the email so that readers can follow the link and buy immediately.

Advertising campaign

Make use of contextual advertising

This type of advertising allows marketers to create relevant campaigns for the right people. For example, a sportswear manufacturer can increase its sales by placing ads on blogs devoted to sports since people interested in sports are very likely to be interested in sports clothing. You can create contextual ads with the help of Google AdSense.

For example, TechCrunch, an online resource about high tech, promotes a new Samsung Phone since people interested in technologies may be interested in the recent launches in the industry.

Contextual advertising

Showcase your product

Your sales may be low because users are not sure about your product. It can be too complex, or they have doubts whether it will help them. Therefore, you need to show your product in action. You can do this with the help of a video, Instagram story, or live stream.

@overtonecolor shows their Instagram followers how to dye their hair in bright colors with their product correctly. This way, people have not only instructions, but they see the final result that helps overcome their doubts.

Partner with influencers

Collaboration with influencers brings in new clients and helps grow your brand authority. Find both big and micro opinion leaders in your industry. People should trust these influencers. Offer them to experience the benefits of your products and share them with their audience. Today almost every brand has ambassadors and cooperates with celebrities to open up new horizons.

Biossance, a skincare brand, collaborates with Reese Witherspoon, a famous actress. Her success makes people trust her well-grooming hacks.

Influencer marketing

We’ve provided some effective ideas that big brands are using today. Hope you’ll find the best channel and the most creative idea for your business.

In the next section, we’ll show how to create an advertising campaign for free with SendPulse.

How to Create an Advertising Campaign for Free with SendPulse

SendPulse is a multichannel marketing platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to communicate effectively with their audiences. You can create a professional email, SMS, and web push campaign without any coding skills. Our landing page builder enables you to design your own landing page, online store, or link page for your social media bio.

Follow these tips to create a free email advertising campaign with SendPulse.

  1. Register with SendPulse.
  2. Upload your mailing list.
  3. Choose an email template or create your own.
  4. Fill in the data.
  5. Send your email campaign.
  6. Monitor the results.

You can see the process of creating an email campaign with SendPulse below. Drag the necessary elements to your template and adjust each of them to your liking. Add images, videos, buttons, text, social media icons, etc.

Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own email campaign.

Now you know the objectives of advertising campaigns and have some tips, ideas, examples, and instructions to create your email campaign for free.

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