A spam filter is a program designed to protect users from spam, and it is used to filter incoming emails or links.

The spam filter uses ready-made lists with undesired addressees or website addresses. Accordingly, these lists must be created. To make the spam filter work more efficiently, it must be "trained."  During the "training," the spam filter specifies the criteria by which the letters will be sent to spam. It is also necessary to mark "non-spam" emails so that the filter can catch the difference between personal messages and spam. Often, while producing mass mailings of your emails, you unwillingly become a spammer. This is because you do not follow the rules of mailing.

Spam filter

Spam Includes

  • Announcements of winning significant sums of money;
  • The question "Why should you pay more? "
  • A money-back guarantee;
  • Information on an urgent matter;
  • Offering cheap mortgages or refinancing;
  • The opening of the secret of instant success.

Rules to Follow

  1. Do not use the phrase "Win a million!" "Advertising!" and other spam-like phrases;
  2. Do not use a lot of "CAPS LOCK" and exclamation marks in the subject lines;
  3. Do not select all the text of the letter in bright colors;
  4. Check the correspondence of the HTML part of the message and the text, the correctness of the encoding; 
  5. Do not use one image instead of the letter text.

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