A master brand is the main brand name under which a company sells its products. It’s used to build connections between all products of a certain brand. It helps make customers believe that all products bring the same value as its master brand.

In this article, we’ll review the advantages of a master brand and see several great examples.

Why do companies advertise their master brand?

Today, large enterprises prefer master brand strategy for several reasons. They run campaigns and commercials that include all their branded products. This helps gain extra exposure and stress out corporate brand names. Using a corporate brand name for different product lines is attractive for businesses because of the potential pros it can bring.

There are many benefits you can attain when implementing the strategy, so let’s discuss the main of them:

  • long-lasting relationships with consumers;
  • lower marketing expenditures;
  • increased customer retention;
  • efficient usage of resources;
  • wide reach and big exposure;
  • high level of flexibility;
  • credibility and familiarity;
  • customer trust;
  • brand equity;
  • improved brand awareness;
  • competitiveness;
  • customer loyalty;
  • higher stakeholder engagement.

With master branding, a company can link its product lines with the general values a brand carries. These products still have their own unique names and identities, they can operate independently and perform different functions.

By putting the master brand on products companies hope to make people choose the famous brand over its competitors. It also helps assure customers that all the products under the brand name have the same quality and bring the same value to its buyers.

Now that you know why companies implement master brand strategy, let’s move to the next section to review several great examples.

Examples of Master Brands

There are many companies that use a master brand strategy that results in improved brand recognition, high exposure, and a wider target market. Let’s review several examples of famous brands if you are interested in implementing the strategy.

One of the great examples of master brands is Intel, a technology company that supplies microprocessors for famous computer manufacturers. To show that all Intel’s products have the same quality, the company decided to place its different computer processors on one banner. It included different products that vary in pricing and performance.


Source: Free vectors Intel’s products on one banner

Let’s take Apple, for example. The world-known brand that started in 1976 now has a wide range of electronic products. Although all of them have their own names, they are still sold under their main brand name — Apple. This is since the famous brand is known worldwide as one of the most successful and valuable companies that produce electronic products.

Now you know the benefits the master brand brings and the reasons companies advertise it. Hope our examples unveil the main reasons brands decide to implement this strategy.

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