Cognito Forms


Cognito Forms is an easily customizable form builder. This tool allows to create incredible forms even within a free plan. The amount of features is really impressive. You can use conditional logic while designing a form. With the help of it, you can choose the fields visible to users and control when they are visible. The builder easily handles the most complex forms.

Why integrate Cognito Forms to SendPulse?

Integrating Cognito Forms to SendPulse, you'll be able to save your time for more important affairs rather than exporting new subscribers to the mailing list manually. Zapier will do this automatically. Every time a form is submitted, a new subscriber is added to your SendPulse mailing list. This way, your mailing list will be up-to-date and you can easily start to market your new leads.

How do you connect Cognito Forms to SendPulse?

Integrating Cognito Forms with SendPulse unites these two simple tools to benefit your business. Just follow these steps:

  • Create Cognito Forms account
  • Create a new mailing list in your SendPulse account
  • Make Cognito Forms CRM to SendPulse zap using Zapier with SendPulse integration
  • Set the kind of interaction you want between these two platforms
  • Set the trigger email you want to send to your contacts

See our Knowledge Base to learn more about Zapier integration.

If you have any questions on how to connect Cognito Forms to SendPulse with the help of Zapier, please feel free to contact us.

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