Caspio is a cloud-based platform to create customized database applications without coding or having any development skills. It allows to manage data without installation and upkeep. Caspio supports 11 languages, worldwide date formats and time zones as well. Use the apps on a website, portal, blog, CMS, Facebook. You may have an unlimited number of users with every plan. Caspio team can help you finish building your app in case you lack time or any other resources. There is a great variety of tools and features needed to deploy, design, and develop your app. Use drag and drop features and paste the code to create a customized app. Turn your databases into interactive reports accessible from anywhere.

Why integrate Caspio with SendPulse?

Integrating Caspio with SendPulse, you don't have to manage your mailing list manually because Zapier does it for you. After the integration is set up, every new record created in Caspio Cloud Database will be added as a subscriber to your SendPulse mailing list automatically. This integration helps keep your mailing list updated, avoid human errors, and establish relationships with new clients.

How do you connect Caspio to SendPulse?

Integrating Caspio with SendPulse unites these two simple tools to benefit your business. Just follow these steps:

  • Create Caspio account
  • Create a new mailing list in your SendPulse account
  • Make Caspio to SendPulse zap using Zapier with Caspio integration
  • Set the kind of interaction you want between these two platforms
  • Set the trigger email you want to send to your contacts

See our Knowledge Base to learn more about Zapier integration.

If you have any questions on how to connect Caspio to SendPulse with the help of Zapier, please feel free to contact us

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