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ProTimer is a countdown timer for a new product launch, limited time offers or discounts that can be added to your website or emails.

Why integrate SendPulse and proTimer?

Using email countdown timers can boost conversion rates and lead to an uplift in sales. When running a flash sale or providing a promo code, you need to set a specific deadline. Countdown timers not only make this deadline obvious but also create a sense of urgency that drives people to make purchasing decisions faster.

Integration features

You can customize proTimer countdown timers to suit any email campaign:

  • Set a counting up to 20 minutes so that your timer doesn’t look like a fake GIF.

  • Choose from 15 designs and select a proper size.

  • Localize your timer to any language.

  • Eliminate the time-zone confusion by setting the end of your offer according to the local time of each user.

Connect SendPulse to proTimer

Follow these steps to insert a timer in your email:

  • sign up for a proTimer account and log in,

  • click on the “New countdown” button,

  • fill the name, select “Email”, and click on the “Create” button,

  • choose “Up to a certain date” or “Cyclical” mode to count,

  • click on the “Embed in email” button,

  • click on the “Generate countdown” button and wait when its code will be available,

  • insert the generated code in your SendPulse email campaign.

Read this step-by-step guide to set up SendPulse and proTimer integration.

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