Database marketing – is a type of direct marketing, focused on personalization, based on using personal information about subscribers. A database is not the mailing list you have.

A database is an information stored about consumers and leads. It is the representation of relationship history between the company and a consumer. The main purpose of this information is to be relevantly used while doing business. This is a tool, with the help of which you can establish and develop your relationships with the clients.

What should a database contain?

Since it is a representation of relationship history, the database should contain essential details during all the history. There are to be answers to such questions as What? Who? Where? When? How often? How many? A client, having worked with your company for a while, expects you to remember him and your relationships. 

Traditionally, databases keep information about places where the products were bought, who bought them, prices and sales dates. Now, such information is just the initial step, which is to be carried out for effective relationship management with the consumers.

Database Information

  • Sales history
  • Feedback
  • Relationships between members of the database
  • Marketing communications
  • Clients’ calls to the technical support and the results
  • Demographic characteristics 
  • Other additional data

Marketers think that a good database allows you to determine a targeted segment more precisely than a traditional segmentation. Databases help companies to hold buyers’ attention to their offers, developing different methods of stimulation and encouragement basing on the analysis of consumers’ individual needs and preferences. 

A database allows you to develop a marketing strategy based on the differences among the consumers.

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