Personalize your email subject lines

By personalizing email subject lines, you can include the subscriber’s name right in the e-mail subject. You can collect subscriber names using a subscription form placed on your website.

Advantages of personalizing email subject lines:

  • Increase the number of messages that are opened;
  • Get more clicks thanks to specific information being shown;
  • Less chance that messages will end up in spam folders;
  • Speak to your subscribers’ emotions;
  • Create a feeling of trust between sender and recipient.

Everyone is naturally a little self-centered and will be flattered if they are addressed by name in a mailing list letter. They will feel that the message was sent just to them and that they are special.

How can I avoid mistakes when personalizing email subject lines?

Before addressing someone by name, you should make sure that the name is a correct one. Carefully look over your database of email recipients and edit the names to weed out:

  • Misspelled names
  • Abusive language 
  • Fake names
  • Names entered with Caps Lock on
  • Last names

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