How to check statistics on a contact

When you click on an email address, you can track detailed information about it: the date and source of the subscription, data on activity in mailings, and variables.

General activity indicators

Information about the date and source of a contact's subscription is displayed immediately below their email address.

Then, you can check information about the date of their last activity. The activity statuses are open and clicked.

Below you can see the number of stars a user has in their rating.

You can also see the subscriber's activity in the number of mailings sent to them, read and unread, and the number of clicks on links.

On the right, you can see the Activity widget. It shows a user's open and click rates.

This section also contains buttons for managing the subscriber: you can remove them from the mailing list or temporarily them.

By clicking on the Subscriber consent data link, you can see the Subscriber Consent Data. Information will be added if the user subscribed through a GDPR subscription form or re-confirmed their subscription, using a variable.

Variable data and availability in other mailing lists

The In mailing lists section contains information about the subscriber: it shows the mailing lists they are present on and any variables for that contact.

Email activity data

In the Email data section, you can check information about your email history with name of a past campaign, the date you send it, or by action: opens, clicks, unsubscribes

You can filter data from the very beginning of statistics collection. The information is stored for up to 3 weeks.

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    How to track your email campaign statistics in SendPulse

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